Let Them Do The Hard Work For You

I came across an interesting site awhile back and have used it a few times.  If you ever need help in marketing in anyway shape or form this is the place to go.  Which one am I referring to?  One word.  FIVERR  You pay five dollars and  have them perform tasks for you.  Some have added options that typically cost more money.  There is a very wide range of the different things they will do for you.  Could be that you want a larger audience to reach out to on Twitter or Facebook.  There are people that will even do phone call pranks LOL.  I have even had someone edit a photo that I had taken because I am just not very good at photo shop yet.  When they have completed the task you can give a review.  I have never had any problems or complaints and have given everyone thumbs up for the great job they have always done for me. 

Favorite Time of the Day

ImageMy favorite time of the day is when my son gets his puppy and blanket and curls up in the chair with me. He still loves to be hugged and cuddled!  I occasionally will fall

asleep with him but most of the time I don’t.  He going to be three in July and so not a baby anymore but still my little man.    As we rock I can’t help but stare at the canvas I had got made

of his first year.  There are thirteen of my favorite pictures displayed all in one canvas.  Oh how I love the memories.  As we rock, I always come to realize how truly blessed I am to have such

a sweet little boy.


I need to vent a little at this moment…LOL…….  It seems since I have gotten a little more into the spiritual side of myself technical things don’t want to work as well for me.  I have read this also but geez!  I think the universe doesn’t like me on the computer!!! 😦

I have been having difficulties with my social sites such as Facebook, IBO toolbox and Fiverr.  Facebook has not allowed me to message anyone who messages me about my upcycling business.  I can send messages to people who are my friends but if we aren’t  I can’t reply.  I get a message that I have been blocked due to spamming but that doesn’t make any sense to me because I haven’t been sending messages out or asked anyone in a long time to be my friend.  This has gone on for over a week now!

 IBO toolbox lets me log in but I am unable to write on the board even though I have points and impressions.  People want to add me to the associate list and nope its not going through. 

I tried to set up a Fiverr account and it was not accepting my info……

Oh the joys of technology……I have sent messages to administration.  Hope to get it all worked out soon…….

New Camera

I just purchased my very first DLSR camera!  It’s a Nikon D700.  Keep in mind I got it used because new ones are so EXPENSIVE!  I wanted a full frame and got this at a reasonable price on Ebay.  Now I have to save up for lenses….LOL….

I have had a passion to take pictures for awhile now.  Can’t wait to watch youtube videos to learn how to better operate it. 

My son now runs when he sees me get the camera out…..making hard for me to get photos of him……oh well…..I got a picture of the dog though…….this is my dog Tucker….he was kind enough to pose!!  🙂


Spring Fever

I know Spring just started a few days back and boy is it feeling like it today!  Yay!!  It’s my favorite time of the year!!! Can’t wait for the little guy to wake up from his nap so we can spend some quality time outside. 

What do I enjoy most about Spring?  The sound of the birds chirping.  Walking barefoot in the grass. Working in the garden (feeling close to mother earth).  Speaking of which man oh man I can’t wait to get my garden going.  I have had seeds since the end of February LOL.   My husband even bought me a started kit.  Definitely going to start watermelon and cantaloupe early (takes forever to grow).  What else am I going to plant?  I have spinach, peas, cucumber, broccoli, carrots, onion, and squash but not only that we have an apple tree and three blueberry bushes. Hope winter is done as I want to get that garden started!!  🙂 

What is your favorite time of the year?


Upcycled Creations by Jolene

This is my small business that I have in my home.  I have been doing it for about a year now from a corner in my kitchen lol.  Basically I tear up used clothing, curtain and such and make something else out of them. I have made hats, bonnets, suspender outfits, banners, jean flip flops, jean purses and ect.  My favorite thing to make is newborn props.  I just love seeing them wearing my designs!! 

One thing I will admit I need to brush up my skills on marketing.  I do have Facebook and Etsy but I need to find more ways to show my work.  I will add some photos.  😉



Far Too Long

Hi Everyone!!  I can’t believe it’s been far too long since I have written on this blog!  Shame on me!  LOL.  Sometimes life gets so busy….I have missed this and am glad I am back at doing this.  So I have made a pact with myself to write on here once a day and it is in my schedule.  I am going to brush on my writing skills also…..got out my old writing books from when I took a children’s writing class.